Dr. Meena is not only professional and knowledgable, she really takes time to know her patient, their history, lifestyle and family history.  I have put 100% faith in Dr. Meena’s coaching, and I have achieved amazing results.

She is thorough with her explanations of treatments and the condition she is treating.

I have been a patient for about 7 years now.  I am a diabetes II sufferer, and as of November 2016 she began mentoring me in better eating habits and understanding the true function of food as fuel for the body.

My A1c has gone from over 10!, to now comfortably sitting at 6.2, a normal reading and indication of diabetes being under control.

I have so much to say, but do not want to create a complete new page.  I have gone from 272 lbs, to 210 lbs. Currently, I’m losing a huge amount of body fat without losing muscle mass.  I have not been at this current weight since I was 26yo., I am 55…

I was scheduled to have knee replacement in July of 2016, I was not ready for that, but now I am happy to say currently the knee is stronger and except for an occasional tightness from over working the knee, it feels as good as it can.

I am a believer and complete supporter of Dr. Meena Venugopal, and the entire staff at Excel Primary Care!

“January 16, 2017 was the start of a new beginning. I decided I would invest in myself! My decision to join Dr. Meena’s weight management program was a great way to begin the New Year. Dr. Meena has provided me with the tools necessary to finally achieve total body weight loss results. Surely you think you’ve tried one diet you’ve tried it all. Wrong!!!

Joining this program has definitely shown me that all you need is a willing heart and a open mind and you too can lose the desired weight you’ve often thought about. If you’re willing to step out on faith, trust yourself and Dr. Meena, you too will look in the mirror and say wow!!

I don’t look at this program as a diet but more as a way of life. The products are tasty and filling, and you have a variety of options to choose from to avoid getting bored on your new journey. Seeing results early on and being held accountable has helped me to stay the course. 10 weeks into the program and down 35 lbs is an amazing feeling.

Thanks Dr. Meena, Bonnie, and Shantai for assisting me through this process. I look forward to continued success and a new way of living with the assistance of Dr. Meena. This has by far been the best investment I could have ever made. Thanks Dr. Meena. The journey to a new beginning continues!”

– Michele

“I decided on this program because I had previously been diagnosed with many health issues. My life was being heavily impacted by my weight. Along with high blood pressure, I was diagnosed with type II diabetes.

I learned about this program form a friend who had seen extremely effective results after only several weeks. When I began this program, I weighted 152 pounds, and was extremely unhealthy. Dr. Venugopal was exceptionally helpful at guiding me in what I was supposed to do, and emphasizing the impotance of following a strict diet regimen.

Gradually, I started losing weight, and after seven weeks lost 19 pounds. Throughout the process, Dr. Venugopal guided me toward my goals. Now, I am taking significantly reduced doses of my medication, and I feel healthy, energetic, and confident. My liver enzymes came back to completely normal leels, my diabetes and blood pressure are also well controlled with lower doses of medications. I would definitely recommend this program to prospective individuals.”

– JP

                                                      BEFORE                                   AFTER 6 WEEKS

Jenny before entering EOT, and six weeks after starting EOT.

JH before entering EOT, and six weeks into EOT.

“I’ve been battling with obesity since 2002. I have a back injury that prevented me to exercise, and having a desk job wasn’t much help either. Tried several diet programs, medications, my results were disappointing. Dr. Meena mentioned her new program, provided lots of information to review. Once I reviewed the information and taking into consideration that a Medical Doctor will be following my treatment, I began the program. I’ve lost weight, feel excellent, due to the weight loss I’m able to exercise, I feel that I’m getting my life back from being a prisoner all of these years. I recommend Dr. Meena’s diet program, you may ask why? Hungers, cravings, fatigue, depression, are gone! This program has brought me joy, and my family and friends sees the results. Thank you Dr. Meena!  For your dedication, guidance, through this life changing journey!”

– JH

                                                                        BEFORE                  AFTER 23 WEEKS IMG_2895

“I am a 34 year old wife, daughter, and mother of two kids. I was just shy of 5 ft tall and 237 pounds. I tried Atkins a year ago and did well but fell off the wagon when I started a new job as a light rail operator. I had a breaking point when my thunder thighs ripped a hole in my favorite work pants. My husband suggested that I see Dr. Meena because he saw a medical weight loss poster in her office.

Everything has been simple to follow even with my busy lifestyle. I have lost 28 pounds in 8 weeks and went from a size 24 to a size 18. I don’t have back pain anymore and my cholesterol has improved. I take walks and hikes with my family and no longer go to the fridge when I get home from work. I feel like with the support and info that I’m getting from Dr. Meena that I am on the right path to keeping the weight off long term. Excel Primary Care’s obesity treatment is right for me!”

– TG

“I am extremely grateful for the weight loss program at Excel Primary Care and the expert guidance that I received from Dr. Venugopal. I had more success with Dr. Venugopal’s program than any other program which I have tried in the past.

I feel lighter and more energetic and now in control of my health. Dr. Venugopal helped me embrace new habits in eating and exercise and she demonstrated compassionate support throughout my journey.

I hope other patients, who like me struggle with their weight, will get the help they need to succeed with Dr. Venugopal’s program.”

– SV

“In order to have better control of my cholesterol and blood pressure, I joined Dr. Venugopal’s weight loss program. I needed to lose 42 pounds to achieve my target weight of 190 pounds. After 19 weeks of consultation with Dr. Venugopal and intelligent diet manipulation I have achieved a 40 pound weight loss. Self control and diet knowledge were the key elements to my current success. Both of these elements were promoted and made available through Dr. Venugopal’s program.”

– GM

“I am 86 years old and I was obese at 197 pounds and I have tried four different advertised diets and would lose five to seven pounds and then didn’t lose any more weight. I also was very starved and didn’t like the food. I never give up, so when I saw the sign in the waiting room of Dr. Meena, I decided to try one more time. I have done the diet not cheating for weeks and have lost 35 lbs. Yes, I do feel hungry every now and then but just drink a small glass of water. I especially feel hungry watching ads on TV for delicious foods! I just turn off those commercials.

I still have 20 lbs to go but I am feeling 100% better and I have gotten off my sleeping med 10 mg Ambien and three other medications. My ankles no longer swell and I no longer nap in the afternoon. I have great energy and am feeling really good. I am extremely pleased with the results and I will never go back to my old self.”

– EB

“I lost 30 pounds , kicked cholesterol out of my body ,have more energy and went from a size 10 to size 4! In my opinion, the diet, was successful because Dr.Meena and her staff were very supportive and motivating, with weekly diet and exercise counseling, the food was filling and tasty, and the duration of the diet was reasonable. In 8 weeks, I lost 10% of my original weight! Although my motivation to go on the diet was my marginally high cholesterol, I am totally enjoying the side-effect of being able to fit into all my pre-pregnancy clothes! I see people around me motivated to exercise and keep fit because of what I am doing. Thanks Dr.Meena and the staff of Excel Primary care”

– SA

                                                                     BEFORE               AFTER 9 WEEKS


“I am 36-year-old and love eating all kinds of food especially sweets and fried food. I also have very busy schedule and a sitting job. Combination of love for food and little physical activity was making me gain weight. I have tried various physical activities and changing my food habits, but nothing helped. Then I came to know about Dr. Meena Venugopal’s weight management program and decided to join it as gift to my self on my 36th birthday. Right from my first meeting with Dr. Meena, I knew that I have joined the right program. She explained the entire process that we will follow, diet and exercise plans, how I will not have to starve and I could eat all kind of food but in moderation. At the start of the program, we did few tests to make sure I can sustain diet change and increased physical activity. Throughout the program Dr. Meena explained various techniques like how to measure portion sizes, what kind of food have less calories but better taste and filling, how I could avoid situation to eat un-desired food etc. She also guided me to do fat burning exercise in little time. While on her program I have lost 25 pounds and keeping it off. I could not have done this without her guidance. Thank you Dr. Meena!”

– DV

“The very low calorie diet has worked wonders for me. The bar and shake program was easy to follow and very effective. The doctor and staff at Excel Primary Care were the most generous with making all of my appointments and meeting my diet needs. I am confident that this is a safe and effective way to lose unwanted pounds. It only took one month into the diet to start feeling and looking better. I can’t wait to see my ending result, this program has been a blessing!”

– MF